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JBOS updated 2 months ago

JBOS Buzz Community Terms of Service

Last Update: June, 2022

Community Members Agreement

JBOS.BUZZ (β€œProvider”) provides a community platform and application program interface (API) on a software as a service platform ("Service"). The Service is provided on a free membership subscription basis... (More)

JBOS updated 2 months ago
FAQS 1. Data Deletion You can request a copy of your data that we hold, and you can also request data deletion. Just contact us at with your name and you request and we will confirm once his is... (More)
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JBOS updated a year ago
BUG Report Having issues with any area of the community? Help Us Put It Right We want the platform to work well for you! If you do encounter any errors please use this space to let us know so we... (More)